Conn 6M Ladyface

MRO ID: AS96This 6M alto is in very good condition, without any serious repairs or dents. Original lacquer, with the famous Ladyface engraving. Its one of the first 6M horns with the nickel plated keywork. These are the last professional-level horns produced by Conn. The double socket neck has no micro tuner. Perfect horn for solo work, jazz and pop music. Ergonomic and fast keywork, in combination with excellent tuning and the typical full Conn sound. Condition : Completely by previous owner in 2017. The horn is in very good condition, without dents. There are a couple of very small things on the bow section, as usual. Lacquer on the body is in almost mint condition. A couple of keys show light wear: see pictures. The low E flat keyguard was resoldered : well done. The low B/Bb pants guard is missing (I might have a spare one on stock). The neck is in perfect condition, with no pulldown or dents.It comes with the original case, in good condition. It shows some mild wear and the sides are taped, but its fully functional.Warranty : as-is : no warranty.Level : Professional.Body : Lacquer : original lacquer, in very good condition.Condition : very good, with light wear and tear.Visual : a couple of minor dings / scratches.Repairs : Resolder on low E flat keyguard.Engraving : sharp Ladyface engraving.Keywork : nickel plated.Condition : very good, only light wear and tear.Pads : new.Neck : Lacquered .Condition : Very good, only light wear and tear.Features : Double socket neck / no microtuner.Case : Original.Case condition : good, with normal wear and tear.

Price: 1495 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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