Conn Chuberry / Transitional - Art Deco

A rather unique Conn saxophone!.... This is one of the very first ChuBerry / Transitional types, with the Art-deco engraving. It has the low B and Bb key on opposite sides of the bell, and also the ChuBerry style neck and keywork. Further details: matt silver-plated body, silver plated keywork, rolled tone holes, gold wash bell, neck with micro tuner. This sax had the old-style left hand pinky plateau (ChuBerry style) and the typical beautiful Art Deco engraving on the bell. This horn has most features of the ChuBerry, and no swivel thumb hook.These horns are known for their unique warm sound, not to compare with a later Transitional model. It plays and sounds like a ChuBerry, with minor keywork modifications.Condition : The sax is in very good physical condition with no dents or damage. Tone holes are not flattened and in original condition. No rest marks. The silver finish is almost completely intact. The Art Deco engraving is perfect and just beautiful! The neck is in perfect condition, with fully functional micro tuner. All locking screws are present.This alto was overhauled a couple of years ago by its previous owner. The pads are in very good condition, with rivet only. We performed a full maintenance check to get this beauty in perfect condition once again : completely disassembled, ultrasonic cleaning of the body, silver-polish of all parts, straighten rods, renew cork where required, add Teflon to some of the keys for lighter action , threat all pads with pad oil and fully adjust the horn after assembly.Warranty : as-is condition : no warranty.Level : professional.Body : Matt silver plated body.Condition : very good.Visual : no issues.Repairs : none. Engraving : sharp Art Deco engraving.Keywork : silver plated keywork.Condition : very good, with only minimal wear and tear.Pads : In very good condition (rivet only)Neck : silver plated, with fully functional microtuner.Condition : very good. Features : Rolled tone holes / microtuner / Art Deco engravingCase : replacement vintage case.Case condition : fully functional and usable, with minor wear.History : From professional player in Berlin, Germany.Remarks : These silver-plated examples with the so-calle d Art Deco engraving are highly sought-after and a true collector's item. They were made during a short period between end of 1930 and 1932. Price : 1995 euro

Price: 1995 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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