Conn Transitional 6M

The name 6M Transitional is an unofficial term applied by saxophone collectors / players to the Conn alto saxophones during the period of evolution from the New Wonder Series II alto saxophone to the 6M Artist alto saxophone. Here we have a very nice Transitional 6M alto, so with B and Bb keys on LH side and the 6M pinky plateau. Almost identical to the real 6M, neck is different. This sax is in almost mint condition! These horns are known for their huge sound and almost unlimited power, and are still played by lots of professional players. Have a look at the online sax forums for info and reviews on these Transitional horns!This one has a lacquered body with silver plated keywork, probably a customer option.Condition : No overhaul needed. A full maintenance check was performed in October 2018. Some of the pads that were end-of-life were renewed. Most cork was replaced as well. Teflon was added to some of the keys for faster action.This alto is in very nice condition, with original lacquer and a beautiful Ladyface engraving. No damage, dents or repairs : only one small dent on the bow, as can be seen on the pictures. Tone holes are not flattened and in original condition. All locking screws provided! No rust marks at low E-key. All original amber rollers are in perfect condition. The horn plays very well on its current pads.The original neck has no pulldown and the microtuner works smoothly. It has the STDD M stamp. The inside of the inner socket is not perfect, but this no effect on playability. The neck fits perfectly.Warranty : As-is : no warranty.Level : professional.Body : Lacquer : original lacquer.Condition : very good.Visual : small dent in bow, light lacquer wear.Repairs : none.Engraving : sharp Ladyface engraving .Keywork : silver plated.Condition : good, with normal wear and tear.Pads : very good to good condition.Neck : Lacquered.Condition : very good.Features : Rolled tone holes / Double socket neck / microtuner.Case : non-original (probably Buescher) vintage case.Case condition : Good for shipping only, not for everyday use.History : Imported from the US in May 2018. No further details available.

Price: 1995 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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