Conn Transitional 6M

This is a very rare version of the Transitional altos, as it has the Metro stamp on the neck but not on the body. Of course this alto has rolled tone holes (original condition) and the double socket neck with perfect microtuner. All tiny locking screws are original and present. The sax plays very well in current condition. The pads are mostly Conn Reso-pads, older but in fair condition and sealing well. Some pads were replaced by the previous owner. The pads have flat metal resonators, as original to this horn.This is one of the latest Transitional altos, before the introduction to the official 6M model. Its completely identical to the 6M, only the neck is a bit different. Detailed info on the Transitional models can be found on : Its hard to find a Transitional 6M in this condition No damage , no dents, no repairs. Only a couple of smaller dings, not worth mentioning. Its probably a very old relacquer, not sure. It can also be a first lacquer horn : originally sold as bare brass and lacquered at the Conn factory during an overhaul later. The identification field is crisp sharp, no evidence of buffing or relacquer. Engraving is very nice and is a little thin, as usual during this period of manufacturing. The lacquer has a nice honey gold color and is flaking off on a couple of places. Nothing serious, just for your information.. Just have a look at the pictures.A full maintenance check was performed in May 2021. All cork renewed, keywork aligned, cleaning of body and keywork, pads impregnated, new oil and complete adjustment.Warranty : As-is condition : no warranty.Level : ProfessionalBody : lacquered, most likely old relacquer.Condition : physical very good condition. No damage.Visual : no dents or damage, only a couple of dings. Light lacquer flaking.Repairs : none.Engraving : Nice sharp Ladyface engraving.Keywork : Lacquered.Condition : very good, no damage or repairs. Some light wear.Pads : Older Reso pads (in fair condition), some pads are newer. Flat metal resonators.Neck : Lacquered, double socket neck (with METRO stamp). Condition : very good, no pulldown or damage. Microtuner is in perfect condition.Case : Original Conn case, with flute compartment.Case condition : good, only light wear and tear. Fully functional.History : From retired jazz player in Alabama, USA.Remarks : In remarkable good condition.

Price: 1995 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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