Conn Transitional 6M

The name 6M Transitional is an unofficial term applied by saxophone collectors / players to the Conn alto saxophones during the period of evolution from the New Wonder Series II alto saxophone to the 6M Artist alto saxophone. Here we have a very nice Transitional 6M alto, so with B and Bb keys on LH side and the 6M pinky plateau. Almost identical to the real 6M, neck is different. These horns are known for their huge sound and almost unlimited power, and are still played by lots of professional players. Have a look at the online sax forums for info and reviews on these Transitional horns!Condition : Overhauled by previous owner in May 2018, and hardly played since then. The horn is in perfect condition, with (most likely original) lacquer in dark golden color. No dents on this alto : this sax is in almost mint condition! I found one solder repair on one of the posts: thats all. Have a look at the pictures and judge yourself!It comes with a black vintage case (not original) with extra room for a flute. The case is in good condition and fully functional.Warranty : As-is : no warranty.Level : professionalBody : Lacquer : original lacquer (?).Condition : almost mint.Visual : no damage.Repairs : solder repair on one post.Engraving : thin but visible Ladyface engraving, plus LaFleur London on the bell.Keywork : Lacquered.Condition : excellent , with normal wear and tear.Pads : very good.Neck : Lacquered. No microtuner.Condition : excellent.Features : Rolled tone holes / Double socket neck.Case : replacement case.Case condition : good, with normal wear and tear.History : Imported from the UK in 2019 from (probably) the second owner, whose father bought it in 1948. It looks to be a factory relacquer, but the owner cannot confirm this so it was probably done before 1948.Remarks : Inscription LaFleur London on bell front. The LaFleur saxophones were specially made for the UK market and have no microtuner.

Price: 1995 EUR

Brand: Conn Ltd - USA

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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