Conn Transitional Chuberry

This Transitional tenor is most likely one of the first tenors with the Ladyface engraving and rather rare. It already has the 10M-style palm keys and several other 10M improvements, but still has the split bell design and ChuBerry-style LH pinky plateau. Only a couple of these had the ladyface engraving (on front of the bell).There are lots of Transitional altos still around in all different versions (have a look at my alto section) but tenors were basically build in only 2 versions : the Chuberry style and the 10M style. Completely different horns. Not that many tenors were built anyway, and its very hard to find a good one. These horns are very sought after by professional players!This type (Ill call it the Transitional ChuBerry type) is mostly identical to the New Wonder series 2 tenor. Body and neck are exactly the same. Yes : this is the type that made Leon Brown Chu Berry famous during the early 1930s! He didnt play a New Wonder series 2 : he played one of these Transitionals. These horns are known for their huge sound and almost limitless power. A true jazz horn for the advanced player!Lots of experiments were implemented by Conn during this Transitional period. For more info : have a look at : This tenor is in perfect playing condition and was overhauled by its previous owner in 2015. A full maintenance check was done in Feb 2022 : completely disassembled, keywork cleaned, old oil removed, rods polished, cork renewed and Teflon added where required, springs adjusted, 2 pads renewed on palm keys, pads threated with pad oil, tone holes polished and checked, new oil and keywork adjusted. The pads are in great condition and have the Meastro style resonators. The rolled tone holes are all in original condition! No damage or dents on the body; only a couple of small things on the usual places. The high F post was resoldered, as well as the middle stud of the low Bb keyguard. The neck had a very light pulldown and was repaired : hardly noticeable. the sax has all its original cellulose rollers and all locking screws. The original end cap is included as well.This horn is an old lacquer version, in nice dark honey-gold color. Probably it left the factory as bare brass, and was lacquered later. The engraving is well visible and the serial number is sharp.Warranty : As is : no warranty.Level : Professional.Body : Lacquer : probably first lacquer.Condition : excellent.Visual : A couple of small dings, lacquer wear and scratches.Repairs : Two resoldered joints.Engraving : Ladyface engraving on front of bell.Keywork : Lacquer.Condition : Good, with light wear due to normal use.Pads : very good condition, with Maestro resonators. Two palm key pads were renewed.Neck : Lacquer.Condition : No dents, light evidence of repaired pulldown.Features : Rolled tone holes, fingernail G# key.Case : New Protec Propac case.Case condition : New.History : From collector in USA : history unknown. Imported in 2021.Remarks : for information on Leon Brown Chu Berry : see Wikipedia :

Price: 2995 EUR

Brand: Conn

Category: Tenor

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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