Dearman New Super

1935 Reserved. I sold this about 15 years ago and now traded it in for an alt. I liked it so much back then, but couldn't find much about it. Now I know what it is: it is a Kohlert stencil from the mid-1930s. Kohlert, Keilwerth and Amati were at that time very close to each other in Kraslice, now the Czech Republic, then Germany, and exchanged many models and materials. Kohlert was by far the largest firm, with approximately 600 employees. The quality of the construction was very high and that is reflected in this instrument. It still has hemmed edges, the then usual auxiliary gis trill and mother-of-pearl pearls on the gis fingerboard. I think it's a gem: it sounds great. Wide, big, open. Definitely not an old fashioned softie! A wonderfully smooth playing instrument that intones very easily. It has been fully restored and is in top condition.

Price: 1.275,00 EUR

Brand: Dearman

Category: Tenor

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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