Dequellery Pro Model (Qaps-Sp)

DeQuellery is a rather new Dutch saxophone manufacturer. Info from their website :The deQuelery Pro Series is the choice for the professional musician or the more or less experienced musician that has been playing the saxophone for a few years. Or maybe you have simply outgrown your saxophone. These hand crafted instruments from deQuellery distinguish themselves from the masses by their sheer quality in materials and sound. The musical characteristics, together with their unique sound projection and the broad spectrum of possibilities and musical styles, make the Pro Series your number one choice. The various characteristics and finishes of the Pro Series, whether its the Honey Gold lacquer or the Satin Silver finish, has its own unique sound. Especially in combination with our deQuellery Custom Necks you can create your own unique sound. deQuellery Pro Series saxophones are handmade from high grade brass, red copper or bronze, or any combination of these materials. Our design goes back to the 50s. The main difference with the instruments of that era is we have applied some modifications like a High F# and ergonomic improvements in the mechanisms, making our instruments easy to play and more flexible in tonality. The Pro Series have the same features as the Custom Series but is limited in the number of finishes and extras.Condition : This saxophone is absolutely new and was never played. The key wedges were still installed and the neck was still wrapped in its original plastic bag. According to the website it sells new for 2395 euros. Engraving on bell and partly on body. This is probably the Raw Brass version: the saxophone is not lacquered. The (original) case has some damage on the outside (see last picture).Warranty : as-is condition : no warranty.Level : intermediate / professional.Body : Lacquer : bare brass.Condition : mint.Visual : no issues.Repairs : none.Engraving : sharp.Keywork : bare brass.Condition : mint.Pads : new.Neck : bare brass.Condition : mint.Features : High F#.Case : original case.Case condition : new, but with damage on the outside .History : Previous owner is unknown. I believe he sax was put aside due to a shipping issue in the USA. There was some USPS Priority tape on the outside of the case, and clearly the damage on the outside of the case is caused by a knife. I suspect the sax was shipped without a proper carton box, wrapped in plastic only, and the receiver just quickly opened the parcel with a knife before realizing theres no carton protection box.Remarks : The instrument is completely in new condition and was never played. Only the case has some outside damage.

Price: 1295 EUR

Brand: deQuelery - Netherlands

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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