Jupiter Jbs1000 Baritone Saxophone

No big band can do without a baritone sax and thanks to the JBS1000s price tag, there is no reason why they should. Given that the barisax is often a second instrument (next to an alto or tenor sax), special care has been taken to provide this instrument with smooth response and easy handling. Adjustable palm keys provide perfect playability even for fast passages and its range goes all the way to the low A. Specifications: Tuning: Eb Neck: gold lacquered, brass Body: gold lacquered, brass Keys: gold lacquered, brass High F# key: Low A key C#-Bb tilter Adjustable plastic thumb rest Adjustable bumper felts Blued steel springs Adjustable palm keys and G# and B key Pisoni pads with plastic resonator Detachable floor peg Mouthpiece with ligature and cap Jupiter deluxe case with casters

Price: 2,999.00 GBP

Brand: Jupiter

Category: Baritone

Seller Location: United Kingdom

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