King New Voll-True

1933 What a beautifully designed saxophone this is! Completely in the Art Deco style, the prevailing art movement at the time. There are no rounded corners on the valves and rods, everything is tight and straight. Even the protective gate of low B and B flat the rod is curved round, but is itself angular. There are many beautiful pictures to take. The body is lacquered, the keys are silver plated and it is all still in fine condition. When I bought it, the silver plating was pitch black, the 1933 pads were still in it, and it was very difficult to unscrew: the 1933 oil had turned into a thick, sucking gum. Good, because so little has been played on it. after the restoration it turned out that a beautiful saxophone came out from under it: it runs smoothly and sounds great. a real King with a beautiful lyrical sound, easily converted into a warm whisper at the bottom, or an aggressive monster at the top.

Price: 1.975,00 EUR

Brand: King

Category: Alto

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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