King Zephyr

1941 Still such an incredibly beautiful, silver-plated King Zephyr, with solid silver neck. I am very happy about that. The silver plating is complete and in new condition. This one is from 1941 and has hardly been played with. Remarkable in itself because it is a very fine-sounding tenor. Beautifully clear and elegant, not sharp, but a lot of power. Nice and flexible, just like the Zephyr Special and the early Super 20 series. a wonderful mix of vintage and modern sound. What a wonderful saxophone! With this model, the specific angularities of the Art Deco model have just changed into beautiful curves. This model is also on my website, just as beautiful. Look for the differences! And he also intones very well. Man, it doesn't get much nicer.. I have 2 prices for this instrument: 3950 as is. The pads are in excellent condition and it plays well, you don't have to do anything about it in the short term. I can also imagine that you want such a beautiful instrument in optimal condition: freshly overhauled, all play, rattles and friction gone. Also possible, there is an additional 750 euros, including a one-year warranty and a service after that year.

Price: 3.950,00 EUR

Brand: King

Category: Tenor

Seller Location: The Netherlands

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