Yamaha Yas875EXb Alto Saxophone - Black Lacquer

Specifications: - Neck The EX alto G1 neck is handmade and offer highly accurate intonation with an improved response. - Octave key The octave key has a unique new ball joint design for smoother, quicker action. The new neck receiver improves the tonal resonance. - Left-hand seesaw key The left hand seesaw key has been redesigned to facilitate playability as well as feel more comfortable. - Bell brace The bell/body brace features two-point contact for enhanced projection and a free-blowing response. - Centre-bow reinforcement plate The centre-bow reinforcement plate has been removed on the EX alto for a free blowing resistance. - Case These saxes come in deluxe ultra lightweight cases which provide excellent protection. A convenient carrying strap is also included.

Price: 4,299.00 GBP

Brand: Yamaha

Category: Alto

Seller Location: United Kingdom

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