Zetland Alto Sax

Buying a relatively inexpensive horn can be a confusing experience, there are many brands to choose from which vary dramatically from great value instruments to unplayable heaps of metal. Here at Headwind Music we offer an entire range of our own Zetland branded horns from soprano through to bass sourced from a reliable Chinese manufacturer. We believe these horns are the best combination of quality and affordability available on the market today. The Zetland alto is ideal for beginners looking for a reliable horn that doesnt break the bank, with design features inspired by some of todays leading professional instruments these really are amazing value for money.Every Zetland comes with a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece The action and intonation felt great on the Zetland alto, not to mention how free and easy blowing it is; something made even more impressive given it was by far the cheapest horn in the shop! Cracking student sax." - Doug Cave"The Zetland alto is an excellent value entry level instrument, ideal for beginners or as an inexpensive backup horn" - Nicholas Dover Specifications:

Price: 395.00 GBP


Category: Alto

Seller Location: United Kingdom

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