From the archive: Buescher 400

General description : This is from the first generation of Bueschers after the factory was taken over by Selmer. There is no difference to be seen and no difference in material from the last series of Bueschers before the takeover. It is simply a post Top Hat & Cane 400, only without the model indication stamped near the serial number. Also known as Selmer first generation, according to the Saxpics website. A great vintage saxophone that sounds and intones really well. It's mostly original, so complete with all snap-in pads (except for low Eb and palm keys), Norton screw-in springs and brown amber rollers. The lacquer is, as far as present, original lacquer. Keywork of these saxophones is always nickel plated. It features the Buescher 400 engraving with floral motive on the bell, and the Buescher identification on the LH G# key.Condition : In very good playing condition, on a mixture of older and newer pads. Most of the pads have the original Snap-in spuds, except for low Eb and the 3 palm keys. The horn was played during its life but is in good mechanical condition. It shows some solder repairs as well as some dent removal, but the body is in excellent condition, straight and with perfect original tone holes. Solder repairs are well done: on low C keyguard, low B/Bb keyguard and on the neck brace.The neck is the original underslung neck, with no dents or pulldown.I would recommend to have this horn repadded soon, as some of the pads are end-of-life.Included is a Boston soft gigbag, used but in good condition.Warranty : as-is condition : no warrantyLevel : professional.Body : Lacquer : original lacquer, with lacquer wear.Condition : very good, only light wear and tear.Visual : a couple of small dents and minor dings, mainly on bow section.Repairs : Solder repairs on 2 keyguards and neck brace.Engraving : Buescher 400 engraving on bell.Keywork : Nickel plated.Condition : very good, with normal wear and tear.Pads : Mixture of older and newer pads, most of the Snap-in spuds are there.Neck : Lacquered, with underslung mechanism.Condition : very good, with normal wear and tear. No pull-down. Solder repair on neck brace.Features : no extra features.Case : Boston soft gigbag.Case condition : good, with normal wear and tear.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Buescher

Category: Tenor

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