BUESCHER Saxophones

If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone. At its best it's like the human voice.

Alto Saxophone Buescher Aristocrat 337080 Kom

Aristocrat III model 140 (Big B), nickel-plated, cup inside gold-plated, nickel plating completely preserved, usual signs of wear, refurbished, original case, sold on behalf of the customer.

Buescher Aristocrat (Bundy I) Alto Saxophone 622013

Serial number: 622013 Year of construction: 1970-1975 Occasion Buescher Aristocrat alto saxophone. This is the same model as a Selmer USA Bundy I alto saxophone. The Bundy I saxophones are good (study) alto saxophones with a warmer sound than the average modern study saxophone. Still in good stat...

Buescher Aristocrat (Bundy I) Tenor Saxophone 646211

Serial number: 646211 Occasion Buescher Aristocrat tenor saxophone. This is the same model as a Selmer USA Bundy I tenor saxophone. The Bundy I saxophones are good (study) tenor saxophones with a warmer sound than the average modern study saxophone. Still in good state. Gold lacquered finish with...

(Used) Buescher Aristocrat 'Art Deco' Series I Tenor Sax circa.1935

Original lacquer (around 80%) with some honest scratches and dings as you would imagine from a horn of this age.Beautiful art deco engravingFully overhauled (elsewhere)270*** serial numberOne of the best sounding Bueschers I've every played and ergonomically superior to anything else on the marke...

(Used) Buescher Aristocrat serie III 'Post Big-B' Alto Sax circa.1950

Other than the engraving, this model is identical to the better known (and much higher priced) 'Big B' making this one of the most savvy sleeper horns out there.Recently overhauled, playing perfectlyOriginal lacquer 90%No signs of trauma or serious structural repairSerial number 336***As with all...

110xxx Buescher True Tone Low Pitch Gold Plated Alto Saxophone in fantastic original condition with Fresh Overhaul

Incredibly beautiful and wonderful sounding Buescher True Tone Alto Saxophone in fully overhauled condition! Crisp original engravings and original Gold Plating! Plays fantastic and even includes the original case. This one is a collectors dream!

Buescher Silver New Aristocrat Alto Saxophone Gold Wash Bell 264xxx Fully Overhauled in Phenomenal Collectible Condition!

WOW is all you can say when you see this Gorgeous Vintage Collectible Silver Plated Buescher New Aristocrat Alto! American craftsmanship at its finest! This particular alto as you can see from all the photos is in truly remarkable condition and has been fully overhauled and hand polished! It need...

Buescher Aristocrat Big B Tenor Saxophone 305692

Serial number: 305692 In gold lacquered finish. Buescher Aristocrat Big B. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Tenor Saxophone Buescher True Tone Gebr.Nr40439

Buescher True Tone, year of manufacture approx. 1918, silver-plated version, silver plating almost completely preserved, cushions without resonators, in case, incl. Meyer M7M mouthpiece and original Buescher mouthpiece, in need of an overhaul. Conditionally playable.

Alto Saxophone Buescher Aristocrat 368796 Com

Aristocrat III (post Big B), built around 1962, nickel-plated, almost completely preserved nickel-plating, usual signs of wear, repaired damage to funnel, new upholstery, in case, sale on behalf of a customer.

C Tenor Saxophone Buescher No. 22375

Very nice C tenor saxophone built between 1910-15, matt silver plated body, very good condition, completely overhauled, without mouthpiece with backpack bag. Sales on behalf of customers

Used Buescher 400 Tenor Saxophone

These horns are massively underrated. This one in particular has a great sound for that person looking to get a more robust and fat tone, all at a great price as well!

Buescher Big B

1945 Beautiful looking Big B. Beautiful Big B, with the original Norton springs and clip on pads. Amber rollers have been replaced by black ones. Paint is still almost complete and body completely taut. Old fashioned jazz sound. Pads are new. Overhauled by Tim Brennan, it will be serviced by me b...

Buescher Big B

1950 nice Aristocrat Big B saxophone Alto saxophone revised by me a few years ago, exchanged for a Top Hat & Cane, and now for sale again. Completely original, so with amber rollers, Norton springs and snap on pads. Retired, but there is hardly any wear on the mechanism. Just like many of his Ame...

Buescher 400 Th & C

1951 Super tight thing with nice tophat sound. Completely original, paint completely intact except for some scratches on the butt. Application completely tight, no dents in the body. Plays super easy, nice open and clear sound, in short the typical Tophat sound. Suitcase like new.

Buescher 400 Th & C

1944 Beautiful early Buescher 400 Top Hat & Cane. Built in the last year of the 2nd World War, this alt. Its appearance is beautiful: most of the lacquer has been worn off for so long that the brass has formed a beautiful dark patina. The body is puny: no accidents have ever happened with it. The...

Buescher Big B

1945 70 years old, so what? Buescher Big B, unused, 70 years old, but still very little play on the axles. Well playable, but for someone with a good embouchure. Should actually be overhauled, but then you have a very good sounding instrument, technically in new condition. Of course with snap-in ...

Buescher True Tone Baritone Saxophone 74814

Serial number: 74814 Buescher True Tone baritone saxophone. Low pitch. Gold lacquered finish. Includes suitcase. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Buescher True Tone Soprano Saxophone 233096

Serial Number: 233096 Gold lacquered finish. In beautiful condition. Includes suitcase. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Buescher Aristocrat Alto Saxophone 344314

Serial number: 344314 Buescher Aristocrat Gold lacquered. With top tone pads! Includes suitcase. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Don't play the saxophone, let the saxophone play you

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