From the archive: Buescher 400

1942 This is one of the first Top Hat & Cane tenors that Buescher produced. Beautiful instruments, also for photographing, so many beautiful details. See for yourself. This one is completely original, although there is not much paint left on it. The pads have been replaced while retaining the famous snap in system. This means that the resonators (metal and a little convex) are attached to the valve and pads without resonators are mounted. All Norton springs are also available, springs (phosphor bronze) that are mounted in a screw system, indestructible. The Top Hat & Cane has an ergonomically handy application, a nice fast horn. It has a beautiful and elegant sound. Less in your face like King, a little slimmer like Martin, a little more focused like Conn. A beautiful own sound with enough power to hold its own in all kinds of music. An eighty-year-old with many years to go after a super thorough overhaul of the mechanics. Lekkurrrrr!

Price: SOLD

Brand: Buescher

Category: Tenor

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