From the archive: Buescher 400

General description : The Buescher 400 baris are famous for their huge sound. This is a bari with balls for sure! After around 1965 some small changes were introduced: they have no model number (B400) engraved near the serial number and the G# key is engraved with Buescher instead of Buescher 400. This one is probably one of the first ones with the normal steel springs instead of the Norton screw-in springs used in the previous horns. It has the Buescher 400 logo on the bell, without further engraving. These baris have the low B and Bb oriented at the rear side of the bell and have no low A or high F# key. They all have a lacquered body with nickel plated keywork.Serial 480866 was built around 1968 according to the online serial list on : This bari has some lacquer wear and previous repairs, but it had a complete overhaul recently and is in fantastic playing condition. The lacquer is definitely the original lacquer, with nickel plated keywork. It also has the original amber rollers, all in great condition. There are no noticeable dents: very rare for a vintage baritone saxophone.. Im sure it had some work done, as it shows solder and missing lacquer on a couple of spots. Theres a patch soldered onto one side of the neck, the low C# stud was resoldered, as well as the low Eb keyguard and the bell-to-body brace. Same for the upper goose neck: probably to remove some dents. All repairs were professionally done: good job! The body is completely straight and the sax had no major dramas during its life.The overhaul was done around 2018 and included installation of Toptone pads. These are in in great condition as the horn was played only a couple of times after the overhaul.The horn is a fantastic player, with lots of power and a deep full sound that will scrape the wallpaper off for sure!Included is an almost new black Gewa gigbag.Warranty : no warrantyLevel : intermediate/professional.Body : Lacquer : original lacquer.Condition : very good, with normal wear and tear.Visual : small dings / scratches / lacquer wear.Repairs : solder repairs as mentioned above.Engraving : Buescher 400 logo on bell only.Keywork : nickel plated.Condition : very good / light wear and tear. No flaking.Pads : Almost new Toptone pads.Neck : Lacquered, almost bare brass.Condition : Fits perfectly. Patch soldered on one side.Features : Toptone pads, no Norton springs, no low A.Case : Black Gewa gigbag.Case condition : Almost new.History : Trade in from professional player in The Netherlands

Price: SOLD

Brand: Buescher

Category: Baritone

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