From the archive: Martin Centennial

1942 This is a rare instrument. the Centennial. The instrument is a tribute to Adolph Sax who presented his first saxophone to the public in 1841. The instrument was built sparsely between 1941 and 1943. They are basically lacquered and a few Centennials are silver plated, especially for the US military. Recognizable by the letters US at the bottom of the cup. This is one of them. The model is a preview of the successful model that Martin brought to the market after the war: The Martin. I like that one already, but this one is really beautiful. The serial number on the neck is not the same as on the body, but since it is also a silver-plated Centennial neck, I assume the mix-up was in the army orchestra, most likely based on sound. This instrument blows incredibly easily and with virtually no resistance. That's really special for an alt. A super fine, special horn with a great sound. 180,000 Selmer Mark VI horns have been built, here there are probably. only about 10 of them. And yet it costs only half of a little MVI.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Martin

Category: Alto

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