MARTIN Saxophones

If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone. At its best it's like the human voice.

Alto Saxophone Martin Indiana #43808 Com

Vinatage alto saxophone, The Martin Indiana, good condition, approx. 60% preserved dark gold lacquer, good padding, in the original case, without mouthpiece and accessories, sold on behalf of the customer.

Alto Saxophone Martin Handcraft #55137

Martin Handcraft alto saxophone, silver-plated (approx. 65% silver plating preserved), built in 1925, new upholstery.

Martin Indiana Tenor Saxophone 71646

Serial number: 71646 Gold lacquered finish with a nickel valve mechanism. The Indiana tenor saxophone is a study/middle class tenor saxophone from Martin. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Martin Imperial Tenor Saxophone 313878

Serial number: 313878 In gold lacquered finish. Martin Imperial tenor saxophone, still in very good condition! Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Martin Handcraft Committee II Alto Saxophone 137458

Serial number: 137458 Martin Handcraft Commitee II Low Pitch alto saxophone. In silver-plated version. Beautiful sax. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Martin The Martin Alto Saxophone 190070

Serial number: 190070 In gold lacquered finish. A beautiful Martin. In good condition. Includes case. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Alto Saxophone Martin Imperial #301424 Com

Alto saxophone THE MARTIN, gold lacquer mostly worn, mechanics nickel-plated, new pads, in the original case, sale on behalf.

Martin Medalist

1961 Martin in perfect condition, luxury model. A beautiful Martin Medalist from 1961. This is the luxury model of the middle class series (Indiana, Imperial, Medalist, Troubadour) the left thumb rest has, in my opinion, the most comfortable seat in saxophone country: the curve follows the curve ...

Martin Handcraft Master &QuotTypewriter&Quot

This Martin owes its nickname to the fact that each valve has a pearl button. The Typewriter model is made relatively short and therefore a real collector's item. This Martin Handcraft has a characteristic sound. Are you looking for a special alto saxophone in terms of appearance and operation: ...

Martin Handcraft Alto Saxophone 86835

Serial Number: 86835 In silver-plated finish. Beautiful Martin saxophone. Includes suitcase. 2 year warranty and free maintenance.

Don't play the saxophone, let the saxophone play you

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