From the archive: The Martin

1946 This is truly vintage as vintage is meant to be! It is one of the first The Martins, from 1946, and it has not been painted for a long time. Over the years, a beautiful green patina has formed. The instrument was overhauled a long time ago and soon after disappeared in the closet for 20 years. Physically he is in excellent condition. He can certainly have a big turn, but he closes and is perfectly playable as it is. I offer it without labor, but that is of course discounted in the price. He sounds great: a real Martin with his deep and fat sound. You can't go with it in a classical orchestra, but otherwise this sound can be used anywhere. A delicious horn! It will cost 2450 if not overhauled. An overhaul (then everything is replaced and the mechanism is also overhauled) costs 750, between solutions are also conceivable. He can also come along, and then you will automatically see when you run into costs.

Price: SOLD

Brand: Martin

Category: Tenor

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